Grandmothers Sucking Eggs 1. Before Starting A. Look at the schools web site and get a feel for the school- note the school’s ‘AIMS’. B. Look at the schools OFSTED report ( Pay particular attention to the sections that indicate what the school does well and what the school needs to improve on. What does this tell… Read more »

Finding a suitable teaching position can be quite a daunting task, particularly if it is for your first position or if it is some time since you have made an application. This is something a reputable agency like Education 365 can give significant support. How does Education 365 support you as a teacher looking for… Read more »

The GCSE results for 2014 have resulted in even more comment than usual. This has been due the drop in the English results possibly brought about by the following factors: (i) The assessment of speaking and listening did not contribute to the overall grade (ii) The written part of the examination now contributes 60% (previously… Read more »