A recent survey indicated that the average term time working week of a primary school teacher was 59.3 hours and for a secondary school teacher was 55.7 hours. A significant amount of this work is done ‘outside’ of the classroom. The main activities away from actual teaching include: preparing lessons, marking, preparing reports, preparing for… Read more »

‘Overworked’ teachers asked for their views in new survey It has long been a bugbear for teachers, but this week politicians from the three main parties also voiced their concerns about the profession’s excessive workload. Education secretary Nicky Morgan called on teachers to speak out about their working lives and tell the government how the… Read more »

The ban on term-time holidays from school should be scrapped so head teachers can take a “common-sense approach” Since September last year, local authorities have been obliged to fine parents who take children out of school for unauthorised absences. But the Local Government Association says the new rules do not recognise the complexities of family… Read more »

Chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has launched a consultation on a set of proposals to reform the inspection arrangements(from September 2015) for: maintained schools, academies, further education and skill providers, settings on the Early Years Register and non- association independent schools. Key Proposals: 1. There will be a common inspection framework for all the types… Read more »

A recent document from Ofsted has been produced after recent discussions between teaching unions and the education secretary Nicky Morgan to ‘dispel myths’ around the inspection criteria and expectations from Ofsted. Be mindful though just because Ofsted don’t require something, it doesn’t mean that schools mustn’t do it. The decision on how to run a… Read more »

We are already well into the first half term and our thoughts are racing toward the October holiday to recharge our batteries in preparation for the second long haul to Christmas. The obligatory coughs and sneezes are making an appearance and the occasional laryngitis has hit a couple of teachers already. During the summer when… Read more »

Phase 1 Starting September 2015 New GCSE syllabuses will be introduced for English Language, English Literature and Mathematics for first examination in June 2017. • For English Language there will be more emphasis on accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students will read a wide range of texts but there will be no set texts. •… Read more »

WHAT ARE THEY? Free Schools are government funded but are independent of local authority control. They are ‘all – ability’ schools and cannot use academic selection to recruit their students. They cannot be run for profit. As of September 30th 2014 there were 251 Free Schools up and running with another 112 in the pipeline…. Read more »

– What is Ofsted Actually Saying? Last week Ofsted published a new document relating to behaviour in our schools – “Below the radar: low – level disruption in the country’s classrooms” and Sir Michael Wilshaw was widely interviewed by the media. Initially there was quite a bit of press excitement: “Pupils losing an hour a day’s teaching… Read more »