The Situation: Almost 75% of Local Authorities across England are reporting that there are teacher recruitment problems in their schools with 15% of them saying that a crisis level has been reached. Mathematics and Modern Language teachers are the hardest to recruit at the moment but there is a shortfall in many subjects and phases…. Read more »

In 2005 UNESCO established “World Philosophy Day” wanting to highlight the importance of the discipline especially for young people. The day was fixed as the third Thursday in November so this year it will be celebrated on November 20th. UNESCO is convinced that the study of philosophy encourages critical and independent thought promoting tolerance and… Read more »

November 17th to 21st is Anti- Bullying Week The Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) has been organising anti bullying week for over ten years and many schools take the opportunity to debate the issue with their young people during this time. There is no doubt that schools have generally become better at tackling bullying over recent… Read more »

What Makes Great Teaching? – Review of the underpinning research. By Robert Coe, Cesare Aloisi, Steve Higgins and Lee Elliot Major. This significant report was published on 31/10/14 under the auspices of CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring) Durham University and The Sutton Trust. It is a thorough review of current research to address three… Read more »

The Academy Programme was introduced by the last government in attempt to turn around persistently failing schools. The current government has encouraged a wide range of schools to become Academies. The Academies have considerable autonomy over their affairs. The National Audit Office (NAO) has just published a report­ ‘Academies and maintained schools: Oversight and Intervention’… Read more »

Many secondary school teachers will be aware that ‘Progress 8’ is the new value added performance measure which, from 2016, will replace the present measure of five A*-C including English and maths as the main accountability measure. The new measure has been cautiously welcomed by the various teaching organisations as it focuses on the ‘progress’… Read more »

1. The Local Government Association (LGA) has today called for an “independent review of Ofsted so that mums and dads can have confidence in the independence and credibility of all Inspections”. The LGA points to a series of leaks combined with dramatic U turns in inspection judgements that have brought Ofsted’s objectivity and reliability into… Read more »

Telling students they have done a good job may seem like a sensible form of encouragement, but dishing out excessive praise has been named as one of the seven deadly teaching sins. “Lavishing” approval on pupils, grouping by ability and ensuring students are always “active learners” are among the teaching don’ts that appear in research… Read more »