A world-class teaching profession: Government Consultation Is this proposal another genuine attempt by the government to establish a rapport with the teaching profession or is it another sop to the ‘Blob’ prior to the election? Last week the Department for Education launched a consultation that will be open until February 3rd 2015 on essentially the… Read more »

The report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2013/14 has just been published. Some of the key points in the report are: Primary Schools: a) Primary schools are continuing to improve and now 82% are judged to be good or outstanding – this is an increase of 3% over last… Read more »

How does the current government regard teaching profession? Whilst Michael Gove was education secretary it was widely reported that he referred to the education establishment (the teachers) as the ‘leftwing blob’. The ‘blob’ apparently was resistant to any change and his reforms in particular. Gove was in post for four years and had many confrontations… Read more »

(Q) Are we failing to provide for Gifted and Talented pupils from poorer backgrounds? (A) The answer to this question may well be a resounding YES! A recent report from SMCPC (Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission) has highlighted research that has shown that disadvantaged children who start off as high-attainers are over taken by… Read more »

HOW ABOUT LETTING STUDENTS USE THE INTERNET AND WORK COLLABORATIVELY DURING PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS? Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard and Area Dean of Applied Physics. He is an internationally recognised scientist and researcher. Professor Mazur has been in the UK, talking at the SSAT 2014 annual conference, in… Read more »

Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) in schools. Last week the Department for Education published this piece of advice for all maintained schools aimed at headteachers and other staff of maintained schools who are responsible for curriculum matters, and governing bodies. The advice follows the October Ofsted reports… Read more »

When the government decided to scrap national curriculum levels in primary education, it said the system had become too complicated and difficult to understand. It is now consulting on what should replace levels in statutory teacher assessments at the end of Year 2 and Year 6. Its planned system of “performance descriptors” is supposed to… Read more »