DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH! On July 15th 2014 Nicky Morgan assumed the office of Secretary of State for Education taking over from Michael Grove who had been in post since May 2010. Nicky Morgan’s appointment was cautiously welcomed by the teachers as it was becoming clear to the profession that many Michael Gove’s “reforms”… Read more »

This week will see the publication of a report by the House of Commons’ education committee which will basically state that the government’s programme introducing converter academies and free schools has simply failed. The programme has cost multi billions of pounds and has not significantly raised attainment of our young people involved. The committee is… Read more »

This is rather an interesting question! The answer to which, by members of the general public, may well indicate how society in general views the teaching profession. We are well aware that the media can project a rather negative image of educators in general with the newspapers often having negative articles about state education. We… Read more »

On January 4th 2015 the DfE invited schools and organisations to apply to be recognised as a leader in character education through the DfE Character Awards. This is all part of £5 million initiative to support the development of character in schools. Applicants need to be able to prove that their programme develops character traits,… Read more »

Just before the end of the autumn term 2014 Ofqual published a fact sheet outlining the reforms coming to the GCSE qualifications. These changes have been debated within secondary schools over the last few terms with a wide range of views expressed! Some Key Points: (A) The new GCSE’s in English language, English literature and… Read more »

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT TO CHANGE IN EDUCATION IN 2015? Some things to look out for: The work load initiative: Will this come to some sensible conclusions and deliver concrete proposals acceptable to the majority of teachers? The Royal College of Teaching: Will we see this concept developed and will we see it become a… Read more »