Over the past thirty years the general standards of classroom behaviour has probably actually improved across the country despite press claims to the contrary. This has been particularly noticeable in many inner city areas and teachers should take a great deal of pride in this. However there are still of course problems and they can… Read more »

Do You Fit The Criteria? Teaching is one of the most scrutinised professions. Probably everyone has a view about the teaching profession and the quality of the teachers they had as pupils and the effectiveness of the teachers who have responsibility for their children. Albert Einstein talking about teachers said: “It is the supreme art… Read more »

A COUPLE OF POSSIBLE TOPICS TO STIMULATE AN INVESTIGATION: 1) ACADEMICS GOT IT WRONG………………….ABOUT THE BRONTOSAURUS! In 1903 the academic palaeontologist, Elmer Riggs, decided that the Brontosaurus was apparently the same as the genus Apatosaurus. This meant that under the rules of scientific nomenclature that the name Brontosaurus was actually discarded by the academics as… Read more »

Is this a genuine attempt to raise the status of the teaching profession or a sop to the ‘left wing blob’ in the run up to the general election? As indicated in one of our previous blogs the government have now announced their strong support for plans to create a new, independent college of teaching…. Read more »

Whatever happened to:- EDUCATION?  EDUCATION?  EDUCATION? From September 2016 the government intend to test every child in the first six weeks of their Reception year. These baseline assessments will be used to hold schools to account for their KS2 results. The baseline results will be compared to the KS2 assessments and the data used to… Read more »