The answer may well be NO! In 2012 East London hosted a very successful Olympic Games which raised awareness in sport and healthy activity across the country and the world. But where are we now? Have we lost part the event’s legacy already? There have been a number of reports in the press many of… Read more »

(Q) Do we as teachers display unconscious bias when assessing certain groups of primary children? (A) Recent research findings from the London Institute of Education would suggest that we do! Many teachers are acutely aware of not showing favouritism towards individuals within the class – the danger of the’ teacher’s pet’ syndrome creeping into the… Read more »

The NQT induction year used to be called ‘The Probationary Year’ – a title with somewhat unfortunate legal undertones! But whatever the title it is an important time for a new entrant to the profession with responsibilities for both the school and the teacher. The induction year is a testing time for the individual concerned… Read more »