On January 4th 2015 the DfE invited schools and organisations to apply to be recognised as a leader in character education through the DfE Character Awards. This is all part of £5 million initiative to support the development of character in schools.

Applicants need to be able to prove that their programme develops character traits, attributes and behaviours that underpin success in school and work.

Schools will need to show how they develop such characteristics as: perseverance, confidence, motivation, neighbourliness, community spirit, tolerance, honesty, curiosity amongst many others.

Basically schools need to make an online application for the awards and there will be regional prizes of £15,000 and one national prize of £20,000 which will be awarded in March this year.

Most teachers and schools will recognise the characteristics as those that they have always aimed to develop within their pupils/students. They are reinforced in all lessons, all whole school activities, they are part of the schools day to day work. They are part of the ethos within all our schools.

Nicky Morgan ( Education Secretary) says that “The new Character Awards schools will help give schools and organisations the tools and support they need to ensure that they develop well- rounded pupils ready to go on to an apprenticeship, university or the world of work”.

Some concern has been expressed that Nicky Morgan’s decision to implement this award is based on her admiration of an American initiative – Knowledge is Power Programme (KIPP) – which has aroused a deal of controversy in the US.