Some things to look out for:

  • The work load initiative: Will this come to some sensible conclusions and deliver concrete proposals acceptable to the majority of teachers?
  • The Royal College of Teaching: Will we see this concept developed and will we see it become a reality with the full approval of the teachers and their professional associations?
  • Pay and Pensions: What can we expect to see happen in this vital area? Will we see a further erosion of the once attractive teacher pension scheme?
  • Teacher Shortages: Normally during an economic recession we see a reduction in this particular problem. This has not really been the case this time round with shortages continuing- Mathematics and the sciences continue to be of particular concern? Will we see a rise in the number of unqualified personnel delivering the curriculum in our schools and colleges.
  • The Curriculum and Examinations: Are we going to see further proposals to change the nature of our curriculum and how it is examined? Will Vocational Education come more to the fore of educational thinking in the UK? What we expect to change in 16+/ 18+ examinations and what will the outcomes of these changes?
  • The General Election in May2015: The various political parties will be developing and publishing their manifestos in the next three months. What will they promise in terms of (a) Funding, (b) Teacher Supply, (c) School System Organisation- changes to the current mix of Academy, Free Schools etc..(d) Changes to Ofsted, (e) Curriculum changes (f) Reform of the examination and testing system….